Dear Santa: an IT wishlist

SantaDear Santa,

It’s been another great year at Custom Systems. Our teams have worked hard to make sure our clients’  technology needs have been met and that their systems are running properly. We were also blessed with some great, new clients this year.  Our business has expanded to include financial solutions and we’ve added a few members to our team, including: a financial solutions consultant, an account executive, a network engineer and a network consultant too! I guess you could say, the boys and girls at Custom Systems have been pretty nice.

Because we’ve been really nice, we’re wondering if we could ask for a few special gifts for Christmas this year.

Carolee is busy, so busy she would like a clone, another version of herself to keep up.

Craig would really like a decked-out data center complete with all the servers, software, network hardware, and power requirements to use as a lab environment.  Not quite as big as Microsoft’s but you get the idea.

Suzanne would like a server that would store movies and music so that she could access them from her iPad or any television in the house. Oh, and she’d like to also access the thermostat, run the sprinklers and have access to view cameras in any room in the house. This awesome upgrade would really be best viewed from 42″ flat screens, throughout the house… maybe smaller in the bathrooms. Finally, she’d also like to have unlimited tech support from Custom Systems (but we can take care of that!).

One of our own elves, who would like to remain nameless, is wondering if you could bring him free gigabit internet to the house and a Porsche. There’s a lot of technology that goes into the Porsche and nothing goes better with fast internet then a fast car.

Chase would really like a larger house with space for his home office. But if you can’t make that happen for Christmas, how about a bottle of Scotch: Jefferson Presidential 21-year, preferably.

Ryan doesn’t want a lot, because he knows Christmas is for giving and not getting. BUT, if it really was about getting, you could start with a full-size server. He would like a storage device with multiple terabytes of storage for movies and photos. Then maybe two servers, to set up for failover between each other. He’s got a 14 month-old, so they have a lot of photos and videos to store. He’s also like to have his whole house fitted with CAT 6 ports and business-class Wi-Fi. And since we are talking about Santa, and you are so  generous, a 100″ projection screen would be pretty awesome too. Finally, just to be safe, he’d need a battery backup to make sure everything is protected in the event of a power failure.

Kevin doesn’t really want anything technical for Christmas. He has servers, printers, laptops and tablets. And while a new switch might be nice, what he’d really like this Christmas is a new boat.

Dale would like the biggest, fastest, baddest  AlienWare PC you could build along with a few hot games, a PS4 and $500 worth of my choice games, 128GB iPad Air2,….that will be enough, until I think of some more toys.

I have to say, I can’t think of much I would like to have, Santa. We’re pretty well equipped in my home with PCs, laptops, tablets and game systems. The only thing I think would be pretty cool, and helpful since we’re a Microsoft partner… and this is just off the top of my head… is a Surface Pro 3 – 512GB/Intel i7. But really just because it would be really helpful to know it’s capabilities for our clients!

Unfortunately Santa, the rest of our team was either too shy or just afraid they were too naughty to ask for anything this year. But I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we know it really isn’t about the getting, but the giving. And we are all grateful for having the opportunity to give to our clients this year and beyond. 2014 has been a great year for Custom Systems. And we look forward to all that 2015 will bring.

Merry Christmas and a very, Happy New Year!



Lynn McGinnis
Marketing Specialist

[email protected]




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