Windows Server 2003 Migration: Planning Considerations

In previous posts, we discussed the impending end-of-life of Windows Server 2003. Here, we’ll look at what to consider in planning the migration process from Windows Server 2003. Where does your organization fall?

If you believe a Windows 2003 migration is just another maintenance initiative assigned your IT department, you are probably taking this task too lightly and are setting yourself up for a big problem. For many organizations, this is one of those times where your infrastructure will undergo considerable changes. You can make the changes you need to get by or you can use this opportunity to modify your infrastructure to align with your goals. Either way, all of these are considerations that factor into your planning and execution:

Now that you have an idea of what you need to consider when planning your migration, we can take a look at the tasks needed to create and execute a plan. Those tasks can be found in next week’s post –  “Windows 2003 Migration: Tasks Part 1 – Inventory”.

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