Troubleshooting your laptop

Here’s a neat little laptop troubleshooting tip for you!

Is your laptop battery not charging? Are you getting a pop-up warning by your onscreen battery meter that you believe to be grossly exaggerated? Did your laptop keyboard suddenly stop working for no reason other than to give you an excuse to go home early?

Try this:

  1. Shut down laptop.
  2. unplug power supply.
  3. Turn laptop over.
  4. Remove battery.
  5. Turn laptop back over.
  6. Hold power button in for 10 seconds WITHOUT the battery or charger plugged in.
  7. Turn over laptop again, reinstall battery, and plug power back in. Boot laptop.
  8. Check your battery meter again, or test whatever was ailing you.

You’ll be surprised how many little annoying problems this fixes. Why does it work? I’m not sure. Something about discharging the motherboard, free radicals, or gremlins. Take your pick.

Be sure to let us know how it worked for you.



Chase Reitter
Network Consultant
Custom Systems Corporation
[email protected]

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