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It is year end… Again..

This is going to be a quick/brief blog.  The point behind it is to get you to read or reread two previous blogs. A couple of years ago, we discussed the significance of year-end in IT in two previous blogs. In the first blog “ Year-End – What to Expect in IT”, we discussed why […]

Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.11 – Is this the version we should be on?

It is December 2016 and we hit that point again where I have been asked numerous times what version a client’s XenApp/XenDesktop (XA/XD) environment should be?  We have situations where clients are building new version 7.x XA/XD environments and others that are on lower 7.x versions and are wondering if they should upgrade.  Basically, I […]

Secure Remote Access

Custom Systems and Citrix Make Mobile Access Secure and Simple Isn’t mobility great? It makes it possible for employees to work anywhere, on any device, and be more productive than anyone could have ever imagined. But it’s not always so great for your business when it comes to making that access both secure and easy. Increasingly, […]

One of Those IT Moments: Why won’t it work?

If you are in IT, then you have probably had an experience like this. You have been trying to get something to work properly and no matter what you do, it just won’t work. You know (or are at least very sure) you have done everything you were supposed to and it still does not […]

3 Reasons Your Employees Need You to Switch to Office 365

Need more reasons to switch to Office 365? It’s possible you’ve been putting off the switch. We think it’s even possible that you’re not sure you need to switch. So here are three great reasons to finally make the switch to Microsoft Office 365. This article excerpt, by Business 2 Community author Buddy Marti, originally […]

Issue: Printing – Solution: Tricerat

As is usually the case, the subjects of my blogs tend to correlate with situations currently being seen in a client’s environment. Recently, we have had more than one client with printing issues in their environments. The problems range from driver issues to an applications ability to recognize a user’s printers. In each case, we […]

Who maintains your data?

Think your organization is following best practices when it comes to data security? Ask yourself these questions: Do you have an IT professional looking after your network or is it an employee that has other duties within your company? Did you hire that person for his/her IT knowledge or for something critical to your line […]

What is an MSP?

An MSP (Managed Services Provider) staffs highly certified and highly trained IT Engineers to remotely monitor and maintain your organization’s network.     When you bring in an MSP you should expect that the following would be included in any monthly cost: • Alerts – Storage, Server and Desktop • Data backup and recovery for […]

Don’t forget your reminders

This is too easy to forget Most of us use calendars to add events that we need to remember. Some of us may write things down on sticky notes and leave them around so we don’t forget. If you use Gmail for your email service, there is another great way to set up reminders – […]

New Features in XenApp & XenDesktop 7.7

The latest version of XenApp and XenDesktop were released at the end of December 2015. Version 7.7 of both products will be followed up by another version (7.8) currently scheduled to be released sometime 1st quarter 2016. Citrix is being a little more aggressive with these releases because they are trying to accelerate their relationship with […]