The 10 Commandments of Hyper-V

1. Thou shalt NOT use a dynamic disk with ANY database.  This includes, but is not limited to:  Active Directory, SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange.

2. Thou shalt always provide at least 4G of RAM minimum for the host operating system, and always provide the host operating system with its own NIC and disk partition.  Hyper-V is a jealous host, and will not share with any VM.

3. Thou shalt NOT join the host OS to the domain. Join it to a Workgroup by the same name.

4. Thou shalt always disable time synchronization and disable Automatic Updates on your host server.

5. Thou shalt always set the Hyper-V host to properly shutdown/restart the guest VM’s.

6. Thou shalt NOT use pass-through disks nor use SCSI virtual disks for your VM’s.  IDE is plenty good enough.

7. Thou shalt always use RAID controllers with at least 512MB of RAM on the board.

8. Thou shalt NOT use snapshots. Seriously. Stop doing that.

9. Thou shalt use Hyper-V as the ONLY role on your host OS.  Install no other roles nor features on your host server OS.  Except backup software.

10. Thou shalt never walk away from your host machine logged on. Once you are done with the console, log off.


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