Enterprise Access (EAX)


Custom Systems Enterprise Access (EAX) Web Portal

It’s time. It’s time to allow your customers, sales reps, suppliers, third-party warehouses and even traveling executives to have the ability to access your Infor ERP XA data remotely.  And now they can, safely and securely with Custom System’s Enterprise Access (EAX). Our EAX provides a secure portal to all of your enterprise data, allowing you to enhance your customer’s experience, your sales reps efficiency and your supplier’s ability to provide what you need, when you need it. And all of this, without the cost of additional hardware because EAX runs on your existing IBM i. EAX also provides effective solutions across all your mobile devices including iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms.

EAX for Customers

Take customer service to the next level with faster response and time saving automation measures with functionality that includes:

  • All open and historical orders on one simple page.
  • Track shipments by clicking through the tracking number, right to the UPS/FedEx and other supported carrier’s online tracking system.
  • Price inquiries that show Infor ERP XA pricing.
  • Open accounts receivable inquiries that allow customers to track open invoices.
  • Item availability inquiries
  • Order-entry capabilities, designed for dealers/distributors.
  • The ability to reprint or email order acknowledgements, invoices and packing lists directly as PDFs.
  • Quotation tracking using COM quotes.

EAX for Sales Reps

Real-time data give your sales team an edge for every sales call and meeting. EAX for sales reps enables your team to:

  • Maintain accurate customer lists with real-time data.
  • Review all orders and invoices by individual sales rep numbers, as they apply to orders and invoices.
  • Maintain sales analysis inquires, showing the COM sales history with drill downs.
  • Have the capability to quickly email customers groups of invoices, acknowledgements or quotes.
  • Create backlog inquiries to show clients a snapshot of open and future orders .

EAX for Suppliers

Manufacturing and distribution environments require clean, streamlined supply chain communications. EAX allows you to provide open communication with your suppliers as you provide them the information necessary for prompt and accurate service with the ability to:

  • View their purchase orders with PO reprint/email capability.
  • View POs in a weekly format similar to a shipping schedule.
  • Perform PO acceptance transactions linked directly to PO accept transactions in Infor ERP XA.
  • View planning schedule information directly from your MPR run.
  • Perform a shipment based on open PO items/releases with the ability to receive directly into Infor ERP XA via R/RI transactions.
  • Create bar-coded shipping documents streamline the receiving process.
  • View remittance payment information made with an invoice number search capability.
  • View payables, so suppliers can confirm invoices in your system to be paid.
  • Post CARs that will enable suppliers to respond through a corrective action system.
  • Attachments at PO or line item level.
  • On-hand balance inquiries for vendors managing inventory at your location.

EAX for Management

As important as it is for your customers, suppliers and sales reps to access EAX from wherever they are in the world, it’s also important for your own management team to take advantage of the power and simplicity of the EAX interface from the office, laptop or mobile device. Here are just a few applications to help benefit management EAX users:

  • Review orders, invoices, shipments and more with individual customer look up.
  • See daily recaps of bookings and shipments.
  • Check out sales summary and analysis of COM historical data with detailed charts.
  • Open A/R summary for all receivables and payables summary for all payables.
  • Review real-time pricing and product availability.