Father’s Day Tech Support

I suppose when you read this title you might assume it would be about all the time you will get to spend tinkering and exploring your latest Father’s Day gadget.  I wish that was true. Since I have been involved in IT for 20 years I can tell you I really wish this was the case.  From my perspective, I think about how many family gatherings involve an in depth discussion of what I do for a living, Then, when I actually tell them, most people get glazed-over looks after about 30 seconds, and immediately shift the conversation to a personal story about their latest challenge with their own situation and technology.

Father's Day Tech How do I get this picture on my iPad?

Why do I have multiple contacts for the same person in my iPhone?  

Why do I get so much SPAM?

I have a new (fill in the blank with you device name) and it won’t stay connected to my home Wi-Fi.

How do I get rid of all these pop-up advertisements on my computer?

Do I need to buy a new PC and how much should I spend?

I have a suggestion for this day only: moms, it’s time to give the IT Dad the day off.  How about stepping in when you see Dad cornered, watching the food on the grill burn because someone has whipped out their smartphone and is asking a million questions?  No one likes burnt food or to have their special day consumed, answering an endless queue of personal support requests.

Moms should immediately start talking about things that Tech Support Seekers do not really care about and save the day for Dad.  Mention those new kitchen curtains, or how you still have not picked out a new paint color for the powder room.  If these do not work, you can always ask your own question, guaranteed to drive any free tech support inquisitor away… Can you give me a hand in the kitchen?

Most Dads I know like me, are more than willing to help out a family member, friend, or neighbor when they have a technology woe.  But not on Father’s Day. Let’s not make Father’s Day for the IT professional a Free Personal Support Day; give Dad the time to enjoy his one day a year off.

Of course, it’s back to the help desk on Monday.

Paul R. Cook




Paul R. Cook
Vice President, Network Services Group

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