Software Solutions

Electronic Commerce (EC) for Infor ERP XA

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is a vital, standard component application;  and Custom Systems has been at the forefront of EDI as it relates to Infor ERP XA. In fact, Custom Systems authored the EC module of Infor ERP XA. When calling for support, it’s likely you’ll speak to one of our EC support specialists. In addition, we provide consulting services to help you quickly and effectively implement any of your EDI requirements.

Release Management

Incoming EDI 830 planning schedules can be impossible, without Release Management, which is particularly difficult with manufacturing such automotive trading partners. Custom Systems Release Management is the solution. Future 3 enables users to keep the COM functionality you’ve come to rely upon, and process planning schedules seamlessly. Our Release Management software provides customer service personal a simple way to accomplish what is often a repetitive, labor-intensive and time-consuming task.

Specifically,the job of processing EDI planning schedules involves a great deal of manual effort requiring mass changes to COM customer orders. Coupled with EC, which supports receipt of 830s, the Release Management application marries EC and COM into a single, seamless interface. This system is designed t receive and process customer MRP schedules, communicated via ay electronic media including EDI, website download, email, etc. Release Management introduces new functionality into the EC control file governing how ad what data your customers will send via the 830 Planning Schedule transaction set. Release Management provides a fully operator-independent automated system for receiving and processing planning schedules. Cumulative quantities and release dates will be automatically maintained and new releases will be automatically added to COM customer orders.

COM Offline Shipping (COS)

Custom System’s COS provides the ability to create shipment with containerization support. This transaction-based system allows you to write you own application front end and create a shipment in COM’s OFFSHIP with containerization.

Need to provide structured packing information to your EDI trading partner an want to develop your own shipment interface? Custom System’s COS is your solution. Whether you are writing a Microsoft Windows-based application, web-based shipping application, or a data collection application – COS will make your integration complete. Custom Systems as also created data collection applications using a combination of COS and EAX running on handheld scanner that run Windows CE or above within Internet Explorer.

Futurecast Interface

Futurion is dedicated to providing the most accurate, up-to-date, real forecasting solution for corporations of all sizes. Custom Systems as teamed up with Futurion to provide a seamless interface between the Futurecast software and ERP XA.