Father’s Day Reflections



The dads at Custom Systems are all pretty remarkable guys. We have new dads and a new grandfather. Milestones? You could say that. Their kids range from teething to teens, college to new careers. This Father’s Day, we asked them to share some parenting insight. Here are a few of their responses.  Happy Father’s Day!


Advice For My Newborn Son:

Learn to drive a stick-shift.
Appreciate every day.
Love your Mother.
Stand during the Pledge Allegiance.
If it’s a fair fight, you don’t want to be in it.
If you are getting flack, it’s because you are over the target.
Safety is third.  If it were first, you wouldn’t go.
Be the master of your own emotions.
Carry two handkerchiefs: One is for you, the other is for her.
The Warrior is more comfortable facing his enemy, facing danger – than not.
Try not to make mistakes, but if you do: learn something from them.
Learn a foreign language.  Preferably math.

Advice For My Teenage Daughter:

I’ve already taught you everything I know.  Just keep being you, and you will be great!


‘Dad, Can You Fix This?’ or “You Want Me to Do What?”

If you are a techie, then you can relate to this. In my immediate and extended family, I am the Tech Guy. That means that if a family member has a question about a piece of technology, then I must be the one with the answer. Being a tech geek, I have supplied my household with PCs, laptops, smart phones, tablets, all-in-one printers, games systems, streaming media devices, and more. Along with this comes the responsibility of being the support person.

I am the go-to guy for tech answers, even when I have no idea what they are talking about. My oldest daughter will come to me and ask me how to accomplish something I have never heard of. I of course go to work to find her an answer because that is what Dad does. I now know how to modify posts on Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and other sites. The funny thing is that I had never been on those sites until my daughter needed help. My son loves his Minecraft. I now know how to create a Minecraft server with updates and mods. I still have never played the game. I am a Warcraft person. The best was when my youngest daughter wanted me to fix an issue with a school web site. I am sorry to say that I was not able to accomplish what she wanted. Mostly because of the morality involved in hacking a public school’s web site, not to mention the laws.

I am happy to say that my wife has not asked me to get the mixer on-line. It was hard enough when I had to do it for the toaster.


On becoming a father

When I was younger I was afraid to become a father. I used to wonder if I could handle it and if I would be able to provide for my child or children. As I got older and got married, I became excited to have children but was still afraid. I now have one son who is about 20 months old. All I can say is having him was the greatest moment of my life. There are days I want to pull my hair out, but every second of it is worth it. I would like to have more children now that I have him. Watching him grow is nothing short of amazing.

He is so funny to watch. I will be in my office working at my desk and he will come running in, grab my personal laptop that I leave on the ground for him, and just starting typing away. Even at 20 months he knows how to open the laptop, turn it on, and even plug the charger cord in. He wants to plug it into the wall to, but not until he is older. It is just so funny to watch the things he does as he learns new things. He wants to mimic everything he sees and be like everyone else.

Becoming a father is such an amazing gift. It is something that I hope all men someday have the chance to experience. It is one of the most trying things you will probably ever do but at the same time one of the most rewarding. I look forward to watching him grow up and become a young man, I just hope it does not happen too quickly. I want to enjoy every moment, for as long as I can.




Raising a grandson

The real challenge in raising a grandchild after you’ve raised your own children is that sometimes you just want to scream, I have already done this once! But that doesn’t help the child.  So you wait for those moments when he surprises you with something that makes you proud. Like when he got the Assistant Principal’s Award for the student that showed the most growth socially and academically over his high school years. He was as surprised as we were. He wasn’t expecting any awards, other than an acknowledgement of his work in teen counsel.  He’s graduating from high school this month and plans to enlist in a branch of the service in September.  And that’s when you say to yourself, maybe he will make it after all.


A Message to Recent IT Graduates

recent graduates - Visha AngelovaI received a phone call recently from a student at CalTech.  He was doing a phone survey as part of a project for one of his classes.  The questions involved projected company growth, (are you hiring or firing) and what kind of direction the company is going in.  He asked about Virtualization and ERP database systems, and whether or not we use them.  Most of the questions were to be expected, but one in particular caught my attention:  he asked for a few examples of how a ‘noobie’ can find a job in the IT world today.  This got me thinking.  I’ve been working in the IT industry for about 16 years, and I have held a few different jobs.  It took me a few years to find what I really wanted to be doing.  To quote David Byrne, “Well, how did I get here?”

When I graduated, it was at the very beginning of the Dot Com boom.  At that time, finding an IT job wasn’t hard.  Finding the job you wanted to do, took some patience and hard work.  Even though the job market is quite a bit different today, some of the advice I received back then is just as good today.

Attitude is everything.

Arrive at least five minutes before your boss.  Stay at work until five minutes after they leave.

Put your time in.  No one starts exactly where they want, and it takes awhile to get to where you want to be.
Pay attention.  Help and advice will come to you, sometimes from places you didn’t expect.

Get rid of the ear/nose/eye piercings.  Your buddy the chemist might find a job with a ring in his nose, but not you.  Tattoos are okay, just wear long sleeves.

Buy a suit.  Hold off on upgrading your iPhone, and instead put your graduation money into something that will make you more money.  Wearing a nice suit to your job interview says a lot about you.

Cut your hair.  Justin Bieber is a criminal, and so is his stupid haircut.

Learn how to network with people you know.  Facebook can be your friend here, but your Uncle Frank knows a guy who knows a guy who can help you find a job too.  Give him a call.

You will most likely NOT get the job you want when you first start out.  Find the guy that does the job you want to be doing, and shadow him.  Try to convince him to mentor you, whether he wants to or not.  Your mentor may never like you, but he will respect you and show you everything he knows.

Whatever job you get, do your best at it.  Work hard, put a lot of effort in, and your boss will notice.  Before long, you will have the job you always wanted.



Chase Reitter
Network Consultant
[email protected]