The New USB-C Does Double Duty

Everyone knows what a USB cord is, we use them every day. They are the wires that are used to connect printers to a computer. And unless you have an iPhone, they are also the wires used to charge your cell phones. While there are many different types and specs of USB wires, I wanted to discuss the connector type called USB Type C or USB-C.

This new connector will bring a lot of enhancements over the previous specs. The most notable, and one that I am most excited for, is the fact that the wire can be plugged in either way. If you are familiar with USB wires you know they only fit in one direction. The new standard will replace that with one that fits either way. The reason this will work is that it is essentially two USB 3.1 Super-Speed connectors in one. If you plug the connector in one way, the top set of pins are used; if you plug the connector in the other way the bottom set of pins are used. Another great feature of this new spec is that it will also support the new USB Power Delivery spec which allows for up to 100 watts to be carried over a USB cable. That is roughly enough to charge a laptop. Another nice feature is that it will be smaller than the connectors most of us are familiar with. It will be about the same size as what is currently called a micro USB connector.

The one drawback I do see with this new standard is that the existing USB connectors will not work without having to purchase an adapter. The hope is these adapters will not be expensive though. That being said, that is not too bad of a drawback for the list of new features it will bring. One final note on this new USB type, it is going to be capable of speeds up to 10Gbps, which is a nice bump over the current standard top speed of 5Gbps.

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Ryan Ash


Ryan Ash
Network Consultant

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